Critical Tips For Hiring A Sales Person That Will Grow Your Business


A well-selected sales staff is the key to growing your business. Without a mechanism to sell your product or service will result in a dormant business that will go nowhere and be surpassed by your competition. It will pay to hire smart the first time rather than hire just to have a body on the team.

Everything starts with a plan and a good hiring plan will assure the business has the right people in the right place doing all the right things.
Before putting a sales staff in place, outline the needs of the business. Decide what area of expertise the candidate should have as well as the level of education and experience needed.

Before an offer of employment is made, decide on a compensation package. Include salary or commission or a combination of the two, compensated time off, hours per week, health insurance, pension plan, and bonus incentive. Consider other perks such as reimbursement for further education or a company vehicle.

Advertising will be a major consideration. The talent attracted will be directly proportional to the extent of advertising. A larger field of qualified candidates will yield a better crop of new hires. If your business is within a reasonable distance of a major city, it will attract more candidates than an office in the suburbs where transportation may be challenging. Advertising nationally or in major publications will also bring in a greater number of candidates.

Evaluate applications and resumes and separate them into three categories. The first will be those that meet all the qualifications, the second will be those that meet most of the qualifications but may have potential and the third will be those candidates that meet few or none of the qualifications. Always acknowledge the applications and explain why they were not considered for the positions available.

Decide the candidates to interview and set up an appointment with each. It is helpful to have an interview team consisting of the owner or manager and the person they will work with or under. If the office staff is extremely small, consider everyone being part of the team. It is wise to interview a candidate more than once and helpful to compare notes with other interviewers. Be sure to check references carefully and note any discrepancies.

After the interviews are completed, take some time to decide the right person for the job. But do not wait so long the candidate of choice accepts another position. Make that person an offer in writing outlining all the elements of employment and wait for their response. They should respond in writing acknowledging the acceptance of the offer of employment and all the elements involved.

So always concentrate on hiring for a good human resource service.

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