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Welcome to Rational Wealth Management.  This site is a subscription-only access portal that offers investor relations services to an exclusive clientele.  The information contained on this website is categorized by membership type.  The higher your membership the deeper the insights you are able to gain into the marketplace.  Investor services increase with a higher membership giving you access to strategies and ultimately full-service wealth management.  If you wish to become a member of this exclusive clientele, click the “Join Us” link located to your left.  If you are already a client click the “Member Login” link to your left.  You will then gain access to the information and services provided for your membership access level.

Potentially extensive losses

The idea behind RWM is to exploit the fallacy of the myth that “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  Yes, there is a free lunch, actually a buffet, and while It is achieved through portfolio diversification, it is not the standard “60% bonds – 40% stocks” mantra that is being offered everywhere. It’s also not the “stocks, bonds, real estate” mantra. What we are referring to is a portfolio that is powered by a diversity of hot hands. A hot hand has a primary underlying condition that drives the price of a market. Our experience is that most people’s portfolios are driven by one, or at most a few, separate underlying conditions. They are most definitely not diversified. If those few conditions become invalid, the portfolio will suffer losses…potentially extensive losses.

Focusing on picking a “hot” stock while leaving your portfolio vulnerable to a single baseline condition, such as economic growth or the availability of easy credit, is not wise.

In contrast, “investing” is following a systematic process that results in a truly balanced diversified portfolio whose returns are derived from a multitude of conditions. It starts with first identifying and understanding the necessary baseline conditions that underlie the performance of each trading strategy. A trading strategy is a combination of a system, either technical or fundamental, that exploits a condition, such as the concept of hot hands, with a market best suited to capture the returns promised by the condition, such as ETFs. Trading strategies are then combined to create a balanced and diversified investment portfolio.

Membership improve your investment

Gaining a membership at Rational Wealth Management will improve your investment success acumen and focus your wealth strategies in directions that will weather any economic storm while preparing the way for you to very possibly become deliciously wealthy in the process.  Get started TODAY and change your success the Rational Way starting TODAY!

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